Monday’s Suck!

It’s Monday and regardless of having to go to work or being retired it’s not a good day. I always expect more of me, but I’m only capable of so much. It’s especially difficult when it’s the last day of September and the temperature is 92 degrees with 67 percent humidity. Working outside is sweaty! I have this spring cleaning thing down to about four … Continue reading Monday’s Suck!

Conservationists/Climate Control/Green and Everything Else

Ok, I’m an old hippie. I dressed like one, hugged trees, prayed for peace and did the best I could to love my neighbor. Since the 60’s I’ve continued a lot of my convictions but as I grew older “conveniences” interfered with with my life style and I ran with it. Paper towels is one convenience I totally took control of. I use them for … Continue reading Conservationists/Climate Control/Green and Everything Else


The things in life that excite me would bore a normal person. I know it and I understand it, but this is the way I am. Let’s get excited over little stuff! I was on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago just looking through “stuff” and accidentally found homemade vanilla extract . Who would have thought you can make your own vanilla extract? Definitely not … Continue reading Vanilla!

Oh To Be Old

Within the last month I’ve had two old friends contact me about money available for the old, retired, disabled and sick. These are coming from acquaintances more than real friends. They say my name is on a list for money – as in someone is actually giving me money. Ha! The first one was from an old acquaintance from years ago. She moved to Houston … Continue reading Oh To Be Old