I Keep Trying!

I’m working on two big projects right now. One is an old sewing machine cabinet and the other is a display case. They both turned out to be more than I can handle. Thank goodness for my husband. He can see past the current condition, see my future vision, and can fix what I find perplexing. He did an awesome job fixing both pieces and … Continue reading I Keep Trying!

It Is So Hot!

I try really hard to get outside by 7:00 in the morning to feed the fish, walk the dogs around the house and water the plants. It’s too hot for that. If one stays out until 12:00 it’s too late. And it’s exhausting! Sweating is not good for the body (in my world). I’ve been doing a lot of menial things – like cleaning out … Continue reading It Is So Hot!

Been Busy

It’s been a few days, but I have a ton of excuses. I had three projects to finish, our daughter’s birthday, and Sophie had to go to the vet. Not to mention I had to clean house, wash clothes, go to the grocery store and all that good stuff. Sophie had to go to the vet for a hair cut. PetSmart wouldn’t take her. I … Continue reading Been Busy

My Dogs

You know I have six dogs of all sizes and breeds. Do you have any idea how much they cost? Of course you know about Mandy and her pancreatitis and that bill for $1700, and then there was Bruce who cost me $95 to have a stuffed monkey pumped from his stomach. Yesterday it cost me $100 to get Sophie, Mandy and Carrie’s rabies shots. … Continue reading My Dogs

A Small Rant

Have you ever watched Flea Market Flip on HGTV? Lara Spencer of Good Morning America is the host, has written several books on flipping furniture, and knows a lot. About once a month she hosts the show. They have two couples who get to go to a humongous flea market with $500 and an hour or so to hunt for items they can transform into … Continue reading A Small Rant