Welcome to Sophie’s Doghouse!

Every item is handmade. We use only the finest materials, including nontoxic paints and ingredients.

Sophie’s Dog House is about all dogs – not just about my Sophie.  She’s a three year old Sheltie, and just about as bull headed as they get.  I found her on-line through a lady who gave her to me  at half price because I was miserable about having to put my other one down after fifteen years and four months together.  They are all bull headed, but I love the breed for their insatiable appetite for new things and for being free spirited.  I also have a Golden Retriever (Bailey) who is about 12 years old, a Queensland Heeler who is about three years old (Mandy), and a mix – Gabi is a mix but a lot of people say she looks like a German Hovawart – a herding breed.  Gabi and Mandy came from shelters and they didn’t have a great life there.  They only know love now and that is where my focus lies.  This is also about Roxanne, Ringo, Bojo, Hershey, Jack, Ceasar, Tut, Clarice, and so many others that aren’t mine, but did allow me to be a part of their lives.  They kissed me, wagged their tails for me, and allowed me to pet them, kiss them back, and showed me kindness.  This is about all dogs.

Dogs are compassionate, loving, forgiving and patient.  Imagine waiting all day for someone you love to come home and do it with kisses and tail wagging.  It’s not just the food they know they will receive.  If you look into their eyes you will see pure adoration.  They forgive you for leaving them alone all day and all they want it return is to be petted, kissed back, and love – then comes the food.

By opening Sophie’s Dog House to All dogs, I hope to help others.  Some of the proceeds will go to a new non-kill shelter the City of Killeen is working on.  If I could, I’d start my own.  I’d love five acres with lots of trees, a pond, a barn and shelter for every dog I could possible save.  Since I don’t see that happening in the next few years, I can only try to help with our new shelter, and donate to Emancipet.  Emancipet is a low cost dog and cat medical center that charges very little for shots, some types of medicine, and will help direct our way to low cost spay and neutering.  They are incredibly kind and generous, and they deserve help as well.

By buying goods through Sophie’s Dog House, you are helping other dogs while in the process of spoiling your dog rotten.  Everything is made by hand – except the beds.  These are made from dresser drawers and a couple from small wine crates.  Everything is cleaned, sanded, and painted.  The bedding is made from poly fiber, pillows and anything else I feel I can use without causing allergies.  The toy boxes are from reclaimed lumber – again sanded, cleaned, and hand painted.  Everything I make has only dogs in mind because they are special gifts from God – as are all animals.

Please send me an e-mail at kathee2013@yahoo.com if you have any questions or any suggestions.  I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for looking!