Waiting on a Cool Front

In Texas we have six months of Summer. It starts in May and doesn’t really cool down until November. Spring, Fall and Winter are allowed two months each. They are so fast! Here it is October and we had a heat index of 99 degrees. Friday we will be lucky to get out of the fifties and then Monday we’ll be back in the eighties. One day we’ll wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops and the next we’ll be in jeans, sweaters and boots. We don’t dare pack up the summer clothes until December – just in case.

I have done nothing except work in the yard for the last week. It’s not been fun or relaxing at all. There was trash in the weirdest places, wood everywhere, and things needing new accommodations. It’s a 50/50 thing – I’m awful about not stacking the wood back and not putting my tools back. I finish up and forget everything needs to go back or I won’t find it again until I clean it up. One solid week of cleaning, moving stuff and raking and bagging. However, I will no longer bag the thousands of leaves. I just read that although dead, they provide nutrients to the ground and help the grass as ground cover. I may be six inches in leaves but by golly, I will do my best not to waste.

We have scraps of wood everywhere along with a lot of firewood. Last year we only used the fireplace three times – it wasn’t cold enough. We have the firewood in three places and none of them are close to the house. When we get wood for the fireplace we have to bundle up for the 32 degrees with a north wind at 30 miles an hour. Well, I got smart and made a really cheap wood holder so that we don’t have to go so far. It’s right off the back porch and can be torn down in minutes! A photo will follow but it’s super simple. Two really large bricks with two holes and four two by four pieces makes a lean-to that you can put the wood in. Super simple!

I also found two wrought iron chairs with no seats. I put them up against the house while I was weeding, but I kept looking at them and just had to fix them up. I made new seats, covered them, painted them and put them together. I made a little seating area in the corner of the yard and it will be great this coming Spring – always ahead of myself by months!

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you have a really great Thursday, Friday and weekend. Count your blessings!,

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