Monday’s Suck!

It’s Monday and regardless of having to go to work or being retired it’s not a good day. I always expect more of me, but I’m only capable of so much. It’s especially difficult when it’s the last day of September and the temperature is 92 degrees with 67 percent humidity. Working outside is sweaty!

I have this spring cleaning thing down to about four times a year. My yard gets it three times. I dress it up for summer, fall and Christmas. Right now I’m in fall mode, but am trying to get ready for winter. I hate a messy yard – but the front yard is as near as I can get to being perfectly acceptable. The backyard is a whole other story.

We have tools, machines, wood, and two sheds in the backyard. It’s always a mess, and when you add my projects it looks like an explosion ! I’m working on it a couple of hours a day to bring some sort of organization to it. I dug out our fence line to get it ready for a garden next spring. I moved wood, lawn mowers, pulled weeds, and found two wrought iron chairs. I pulled the chairs out and stood them up against the house, but they kept calling me. After I finished my goal for the day, I took another look at them and decided they needed to be up cycled. I have a corner fence line that has a humongous wisteria and I decided it needed a little updating.

I painted the chairs, made new seats and covers and set up the corner. I will admit that yellow on yellow is not original but I only had yellow outdoor upholstery. It would be perfect for the spring and summer months, but this is me. I am always behind or fast forward. I’m planning our spring garden in September so I might as well deck out the corner in spring colors – even though I’m six months in the future. I will enjoy looking at it this winter though. It’s some to look forward too.

By the way – I finally found Bruce’s flea collar and tag collar. It’s amazing what you find while moving stuff around. It was at the corner of the house under a two by three opening. He’s so big I’d like to know what he thought he was doing with his big old self in that opening. He won’t answer me, so I’ll let my imagination run wild.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you have an awesome week. Count your blessings and remind those you love that you do love them.

I’m attaching photos of the chairs “before and after”.

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