Conservationists/Climate Control/Green and Everything Else

Ok, I’m an old hippie. I dressed like one, hugged trees, prayed for peace and did the best I could to love my neighbor. Since the 60’s I’ve continued a lot of my convictions but as I grew older “conveniences” interfered with with my life style and I ran with it.

Paper towels is one convenience I totally took control of. I use them for absolutely everything from toilet paper replacement to cleaning up messes to cleaning snotty noses. The waste? The money? I never really thought about it.

Then comes the garbage disposal. Dump everything in it that can be ground up and out of sight. Who cares about the waste?

Of course everything on this planet requires water. Why would I let it run so long it ran down the street not accomplishing a thing? I forgot! Not only was it a waste of water but the bill was huge! I still haven’t decided if it’s cheaper to use the dishwasher or hand wash but I’m working on that.

Trash is another issue. It kills my soul to look at the ocean and its inhabitants choked in plastic and nets. We are totally at fault for that. We could recycle all of it but it seems easier to toss it aside and let the wind blow it wherever. We can recycle a certain amount, but we don’t try hard enough. Even at home we toss plastic like candy.

My itsy bitty contribution to all of this is small but deliberate. I don’t use paper towels any longer. I compost everything except meat and I have six dogs to help me out with that issue. I am very careful with water. I take my daily showers, still water the grass, but I also depend on Mother Nature to help us out for the pond, the grass and trees, and I save as much as I can. My trash is limited to what cannot be reused or recycled. I use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper towels. I compost everything that can go into a nasty compost pile.

I’m going to start a garden next year with the compost. I will have an herb garden as well. I need to become more self sustainable and learn to use what I’ve been given. I’ve taken advantage of convenience and it’s time to change a little bitty part of this world.

So, this old peace loving, tree hugging, love thy neighbor hippie is going back to her roots. I will continue to count my blessings and be grateful. I will do my best to respect this world and contribute as much as I can. I’ll make my own bread, vanilla extract, and live with the attempt and hope that I do no more damage to anyone, anything or this world so freely given to us.

I wonder if the bell bottoms, lovely colors, loving thy neighbor and all that awesome stuff will come back. I loved the way we dressed, the music, and the desire for peace, along with hugging all those trees. I’d love to save the world!

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