Halloween Ghouls

I worked off and on all week to make these little people – along with a redo on a table, two new hats and I decorated the house for Fall.

I love Fall! It’s still in the 90’s in Central Texas, but in my mind I’m waiting for a crisp morning, cooler days and for the leaves to take over the yard. I’m looking forward to the dogs being more comfortable outside. And I can’t wait to put on my jeans and be comfortable in them. Capris are all that I wear during the summer – it’s too hot to put on anything longer than that. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not fond of Winter at all, but Fall is pretty awesome with cooler weather and the colors are incredible.

So, while decorating the house in pumpkins and gourds and faux leaves I also made some little ghouls. I made full size witches hats. I went to the store too often. I did clean the house and washed clothes. I worked on the table. I did a lot. Photos will follow.

I even signed up and got an instagram account. I’m not sure what’s going to come of it, but I did upload some photos and gave a small spiel. It should be interesting. My sister helped me with it and even explained how to use the hashtags. Me and high tech do not have a close relationship.

I hope you have an awesome weekend. Count your blessings! Thank you for visiting.

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