Oh To Be Old

Within the last month I’ve had two old friends contact me about money available for the old, retired, disabled and sick. These are coming from acquaintances more than real friends. They say my name is on a list for money – as in someone is actually giving me money. Ha!

The first one was from an old acquaintance from years ago. She moved to Houston at least twenty years ago. She said she had received $100,000 and would like for me to be able to do the same. She told me to contact Agent William Johnson to see if I was on the list. I texted him and he said I am approved, but there is a catch. If I pay $500 I will receive $100,000 – all the way up to $6,000 for $600,000. “The payment is for the case file and the shipping fees” and I would receive it FedEx. I told them I’m not interested but let my friend know I appreciate the thought. They didn’t give up for a week. Every day I received a text telling me I am missing out.

Yesterday I received the same information from a lady I worked with off and on up until last year. She said she saw my name on a list that also had her name. She received enough money to put down on some commercial property in Temple. This program offers $10,000 on up. She said she received $250,000 and was able to buy the property with the gift. I told her I appreciate the thought, but in my world no one gets something for nothing.

Do any of you receive offers like this? Am I too paranoid to appreciate an offer that is too good to believe? I am not disabled or sick. My body is getting old, but I think my mind is actually only 25 but has more experience and wisdom than it did at that time. I even have it over the spam phone calls – I signed up with ATT and have an app called Call Protect. I’ve received calls from Kenya and know they are spam. I’m beginning to think everything is spam!

I had to get this out rather than worry about it. If you have had anything like this happen please let me know – I won’t feel so alone.

Thank you for visiting my grumpy page today. Count your blessings and have a wonderful evening!

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