Old is Now New

I’ve been busy with dogs and making old things new – or at least nicer than what they were.

The dogs are just a mess! Bruce managed to lose his dog collar along with the flea collar. We’ve looked everywhere and still haven’t found it. I bet it was one of two things – he got his nosy self somewhere he shouldn’t have been and had to get himself out by getting out of his collars or someone tried to take him and he wiggled out of it. I ordered a new flea collar and am on the hunt for a dog collar. He misses nothing and gets into everything. My husband stopped him from eating another stuffed toy – it’s like watching two two-year old kids.

I’ve told you about our feral cat that I had spayed but still runs all over the neighborhood. Her name is Callie and she comes home only when she’s hungry. She’s a bit of a witch – her only three goals are to eat, bite me and torment the dogs. In the morning Bruce, Sophie and Carrie go outside with me to check her status. You might find her on the roof or under the eaves. When she sees me she starts yowling and then the dogs come unglued! There’s barking, jumping, lunging and to absolutely no avail. That cat is too smart to come down to their level and they can’t jump that high. They must check on her four or five times a day – not to mention at night. They aren’t happy unless they are teasing one another.

I’ve been busy – honestly. I’m going to add some photos of a couple of before and after repurposed things. I took three days to rearrange my craft room. I didn’t plan it right though. Everything was in the middle of the room which left no room to move anything at all! I had to move stuff to another room to rearrange before I could make it right. I should be ashamed of all the stuff I have – there are bunches of everything !

Everything I’ve “upcycled” was a bit of a mess. They required cleaning, sanding, gluing, painting and grouting and lots of dirty clothes. I have paint on all my work clothes and am always covered in some type of dirt, glue or wood – I’m not a clean recycler. I am a mess and everything I do makes a mess.

Thanks so much for visiting my little blog. I hope you have an awesome week! Don’t forget to count your blessings.

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