It Is So Hot!

I try really hard to get outside by 7:00 in the morning to feed the fish, walk the dogs around the house and water the plants. It’s too hot for that. If one stays out until 12:00 it’s too late. And it’s exhausting! Sweating is not good for the body (in my world).

I’ve been doing a lot of menial things – like cleaning out cabinets, sweeping stupid leaves from a shedding tree, cleaning hand towel drawers, painting lamp shades, cleaning fish pond pumps and all that icky stuff. I promised myself at least one “clean up” project a day. It’s not something I look forward to, but I will prevail.

Pinterest has taken up my time as well. I have found so many artists that I have to try a couple of things – not that I’m an artist. Their colors, their imagination, their ability to draw, paint and express themselves is unique to each and everyone of them. I can only attempt to copy them – I have limitations so I’ll never be one of them. My figures are stick people, my flowers look like weeds, and I’m totally unable to mix colors. I admire each and every one of them. BUT I will share my attempts. Please laugh out loud!

I haven’t sold much at the consignment shop, but have sold a lot of my recycled stuff on the Facebook market. I always explain that nothing is new but has been refurbished. It’s all about recycling and renewing. I’d love to say I’m reinventing myself by doing this and composting and getting closer to being self sustaining but I’m a long way from that. I really am not a fan of compost!

Pictures to follow. You may laugh until you cry – I won’t be offended becauseI won’t be able to see you! Have a good week. Thank you for visiting. Count your blessings!

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