Been Busy

It’s been a few days, but I have a ton of excuses. I had three projects to finish, our daughter’s birthday, and Sophie had to go to the vet. Not to mention I had to clean house, wash clothes, go to the grocery store and all that good stuff.

Sophie had to go to the vet for a hair cut. PetSmart wouldn’t take her. I had her sedated and they sheared her from her waist down. She wouldn’t clean herself and would bite me if I tried to comb her. I dropped her off at 8:00 and didn’t pick her up until 3:30. She did have a rash on her tummy, a slight case of diarrhea, and looks so pretty from her waist up. The rest of her shorn body looks like a pig! No hair, a very long naked tail, and lots of fat. She’s on a diet!

I worked on and completed two projects. Photos will follow. I cried over the end table. My ebony stain on the top dried for two days, but when I applied the polyurethane it started coming off. I could not figure out why. I finally gave up and painted it. It was old, brow, scratched and had holes all over it. My husband sanded the top completely down to the clear wood. I sanded the sides, painted, and blinged it up with Parisian stencils. I sold it this afternoon.

The second piece is a couch table. I had an old wrought iron table with no ability to hold anything. My husband cut and measured the wood, and I stained it and put four coats of polyurethane on it. It turned out so nice! A gentleman from Bastrop is picking it up this weekend.

The third project is a metal table. We’ve measured it and are trying to figure out what kind of wood we should use for the top. I’ll think about it tonight.

I hope you have a good evening. Count your blessings! Thank you for visiting.

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