My Dogs

You know I have six dogs of all sizes and breeds. Do you have any idea how much they cost? Of course you know about Mandy and her pancreatitis and that bill for $1700, and then there was Bruce who cost me $95 to have a stuffed monkey pumped from his stomach. Yesterday it cost me $100 to get Sophie, Mandy and Carrie’s rabies shots. Then we took Bailey and Gabi in for their shots. Two trips in one day to some pretty cool people.

We took them to Emancipet. They have veterinarians, qualified vet techs and have awesome prices. The three girls received their shots and had their nails clipped all for $100. That’s a great price compared to the regular vet. Emancipet helps everyone keep their pets by keeping their prices low. They don’t do surgeries other than spaying or neutering but they will tell you if they think there is something to worry about. They run on donations so I always do what I can to help. This way I can set aside some money for their big issues. There will be an issue tomorrow. I’m taking Sophie in to have her cleaned up.

Sophie has never liked being brushed nor does she take to having a bath. She’s absolutely hateful about both. She won’t clean herself, so I’m not sure what’s going on from her waist down. She won’t let me look. PetSmart won’t take her. I decided the vet can put her to sleep just long enough to trim her up and hopefully not find anything wrong with her. She loves me as I do her, but I can’t control her worth a crap. She bites, and gets so stressed that I literally cannot work with her. We’ll get her fixed up tomorrow and all will be good.

Today we celebrated our daughters birthday. She’s alive, cancer free and we are so incredibly thankful. God is watching over all of us!

I worked on two pieces today. One is a plant stand and the other is a candle holder. I sanded, cleaned them up and painted them. I’m planning on selling them – that’s why I have them. It just takes clean up and a little time. Photos will follow.

Have a great evening. Don’t forget to tell those you love that you do love them and count them as your blessings! Thank you for visiting,

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