It’s Rough Being Retired!

I have done so much but am no where nearly done! I suppose I could find a way to keep from getting distracted. I could find a way to stay on task. I could do one thing at a time. I could quit thinking, I could make a list instead of doing things randomly. I could actually complete something. My brainstorming causes issues and I’m all over the place!

I did do a couple of things in the last two days that required my full attention. The first thing was to repaint the hall bathroom. I’ve had the paint for nearly three months and it was way over due.

Of course painting a room isn’t just painting. Everything has to be moved out to include the towel bars, the pretty stuff, the hair sprays, the rug, light cover, the horrible scale, and anything else that can be moved out. Then comes the taping which includes the baseboard, sink, mirror and light fixture. Then comes the beautiful crown molding. I looked at that and knew I would screw it up – my husband did too. He is an excellent painter and offered to “cut” around the baseboard, crown molding, sink and toilet. He did it and did an awesome job. All I had to do was paint the walls!

After the painting a lot more happens. Remove the tape, clean the floors, wipe off any paint drips, and then decide “what the hell, let’s just clean the bathroom from top to bottom”. I did – the whole thing! It’s not really that big, but it sure is clean. Next I brought everything back in that I had taken out and put everything back together. The only thing I bought new for it is one towel. I changed things up by putting things is different places but green towels no longer looked right. I put them away and got the new blue towel. It finished it up perfectly! Pictures will follow.

Today I worked in a small cabinet. We found it in a storage unit and looked like it just needed some updating. Paint! It’s the answer to almost everything! I sanded and painted, and came up with a new look and consider it repurposed. It was ugly brown but now looks totally different. Pictures will follow.

I hope all of you had a nice Memorial Day. I also want to thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful week, and don’t forget all the blessings given to you and yours.

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