65 Pounds of Husky!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to lose my dog or the cat and the idea that maybe they were going to run off into the night one after the other did not set well with me at all.

I have a feral cat that’s about nine years old. I’m allowed to pet her when she allows it – otherwise she bites me. I haven’t seen her all week but she came home this evening to get some food. She hates the dogs as much as they hate her. She came right up the driveway in front of the dogs and started meowing as loud as she could. I got her food but the dogs were having absolute fits. Bruce wanted to jump the fence – it was in his eyes. I dropped the cat food, ran to the gate and had just enough time to catch his body as it flew over. He was in as much shock as I was! It took me ten minutes to get all of them back in the house – with treats of course. The cat ate, left and no more problems (until next time).

I’ve worked on a couple of projects this week. Photos will follow. I do want to explain something though. Everything I work on is recycled, repurposed or reused. I’m trying really hard to not dent the Earth, so whenever I find something that can be upgraded I use it. I’m not crazy about the compost, but everything else is better. I clean, rebuild, sand, paint and make it as special as I can. Nothing is new. If you have a piece that you want redone, please let me know. I will customize or do whatever you might like. The photo is of a chest I redid. It could serve as a book chest, blanket chest, toy chest – whatever your heart desires. It’s 16 1/2″ tall, 16 1/4″ deep and 20 1/4″ wide. I’m selling it for $35. If you’re interested just let me know.

Thank you for visiting!i hope you have a wonderful evening.

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