It’s Been A Rough Sunday

I am the biggest baby on Earth. I cry over books, television shows, broken people, pained people, and hurtful things out of my control. They call me an “empath” and it’s crazy. If I hear of anything or anyone being pained physically or mentally I do my best to help or cry because I don’t have the ability to fix it. I become physically sick. I hate it and there’s nothing I can do about it. I come unglued when an animal dies! I think I’m a little crazy.

While I was digging a trench in the backyard to release some of the swampy water from three inches of rain, a dove flew from our oak tree to the other side of the yard. I looked back on the ground to continue “trenching” and found a cracked egg. It must have fallen out when she left. I picked it up and inside the egg was a moving baby dove. It was breathing and moving. I started to cry only because I couldn’t keep it alive and could only imagine how the mother dove would feel when she returned to the nest. I held that little cracked egg as gently as possible against me to try to keep it warm. My husband came outside and I explained what happened. He said “Honey, you can’t save the world”. With that I started crying again – feeling utterly hopeless. He knows me so well! He grabbed a twelve foot ladder and took that cracked egg and put it back in the nest. I only hope the mother dove doesn’t desert it. We did all we could to help both of them out. I keep checking to see if she has returned yet.

I hope you have a very blessed week. Thank you for visiting with me!

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