My Husband

He’s a good man in every way. He will do anything to help someone out. He’s a very hard working man. He’s also difficult to please because he’s a perfectionist. Everything he does goes beyond what he said he would do, and it is perfect! I don’t fit into his category of perfection at all. I think they refer to me as lackadaisical.

He asked me to help him with some “touch up painting” on one side of a duplex. I said I would. It’s just two bedrooms and one bath. I went over to the duplex and spent four hours on that little touch up job. Standing up, bending down, getting into all kinds of positions to hit the high and low places took a toll. The knees and back are so done. The arm that used the brush is close to falling off. I almost quit but didn’t. I figured he’d fire me (which would have been nice) but he didn’t. I might be nice and offer to finish it. I might not say a word. I do have admiration for him and all you ladies and gentlemen who bust your butts on a daily basis for others. I only wish I could be one of you. He did offer some constructive criticism, but I chose to file it away for another day. I came home, ordered a pizza, took a shower, and fed the dogs. I am so done!

We did an on-line auction and two of the three pieces I won need work – as in sanding, cleaning and painting. To start on the chest, I had to get rid of two pieces taking up space. I was so excited about starting on the small chest, but I had to clear out some space. The results will come about in photos (to follow). Tomorrow the chest and I will become close friends. The photos are of a stool and an old wood bread box that I cleaned, sanded, tightened the screws on, and painted.

I hope you have an incredible weekend! Thank you for visiting.

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