Dumber Than a Box of Rocks!

My newly adopted dog has issues. I thought he was brilliant and well behaved. He sits when asked, is tolerable when walking, and has no issues with being brushed. He’s so much better behaved than the others in all aspects except one.

He hates sharing toys. He hates anyone getting close to his toy of the day. He can be petty and assertive when someone gets too close to them. I’ve taken at least a dozen from him to avert any arguments. If he can reach them he grabs it and runs like the wind to get away from me. He acts like he’s never had anything of his own!

Last Thursday he was playing with a destuffed monkey. It was eight inches long, had two arms, two legs, a trunk and a head. I knew there would be an argument over it so I tried to give him something else to play with. He wasn’t having it at all! I watched him ball it up in his mouth and that was it. He tried twice to swallow it and it went down the third time. I was in total disbelief and confused and double checked his mouth. It was long gone! I called the vet and she said to bring him in immediately. We got in the car, drove ten minutes to the vet, and took his sorry self in. They weighed him, listened to his heart and took him to the back room and pumped his stomach and made him puke it up. He came back to me looking ragged. All his hype over that monkey was gone. Runny eyes, burping, and weak. He couldn’t go for his walk, drink water or eat. And it cost me $95! The vet sees about 100 dogs a year who do this exact same thing. Dumber than a box of rocks and he’s all mine. I’m so proud to be his mom!

I’ve been retired for three months and I haven’t worked this hard in years! The house, the yard, the ponds, putting down pavers, cutting down trees, chasing dumb dogs, and everything else keeps me so busy. I’ve purged, cleaned, removed and replaced, scraped and painted, and had time for new crafts (pictures will follow). It’s really hard work being retired! I don’t think I’ve worked this hard since my kids were little.

Thank you for visiting! Count your blessings and tell those you love that you love them. I hope you have a great week

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