I told you earlier that I would give you an update on our Queensland healer. She is doing so much better.

Two weeks ago, on a really cloudy and windy day, I went into the house after cleaning up the front yard. Mandy was on the floor breathing very hard, and her eyes were not focused and her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth. I tried to talk to her but I wasn’t making any contact with her. I picked up her head and put it in my lap and tried to bring her around. I rubbed her chest really hard and she burped big time. We went outside to see if she was doing any better, but I noticed she was bleeding when she peed. I picked her up and took her to the emergency vet.

We arrived and they started taking her vitals and then said they would give me an itemized invoice for everything they needed to do for her. They had to take $680 worth of tests, give her medication and keep her overnight to the tune of $1,018. Did you think I’d give up on her? Hell no! She had blood coming from her intestines – some horrible gastrointestinal issue that had left her intestines raw. If she went pee or poo she passed blood. They gave her medication, an IV and told me I had to pick her up no later than 7:30 the next morning.

I picked her up and took her to my vet. I explained what happened, what the other vet did for her, and how much it had cost. They listened, reviewed the test results, ran a couple more tests and said they needed to keep her a couple of days – she was still that weak. They also worked out a budget for me. In the end, Mandy was at my vet’s hospital from Monday morning until Thursday evening for another $500. Yup, that’s how much my dogs mean to me. She was in such pain though and I’m not sure she can go through it again. About five years ago she had pancreatitis and we had the same issue. Blood everywhere and so much pain! She’s at home and on such a bland diet. But she’s close to being back to her old self.

Our husky – Bruce turned into an idiot last night. Our neighbors found him in the yard behind ours. Evidently he saw a cat and found a way to climb over the fence. Try getting a 65 pound dog to get back home when there is nothing to help climb back over. We tried a ladder, a scaffold and a piece of plywood and there was no way he was coming back home using one of them. We put two ladders up – one on each side of the fence. By the way, the property owners weren’t home and their gate was locked. My husband climbed up one ladder and down the other one. He was able to get Bruce up two rungs but had to push him over the fence. I think Bruce went through a crisis and was a little traumatized. He was very quiet for the rest of the evening. My husband had a few choice words for him- none of them can be written down at all!

I’ve been busy this week working on projects. Photos will follow. We are also planning on painting the guest bath, and I’m doing my best to keep the house clean. I am so much busier than I was when I worked and every bit as tired!

Thank you for visiting with me. Count your blessings and don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them. Those words are so powerful!

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