December 21st, 2018

I walked out of my office as a free person at 5:00pm on December 21st. I gave them my key, gathered what few belongings I still had, gave some hugs and went to my car to drive home one more time from work. It was kind of surreal! I haven’t been back but I’ve been so incredibly busy!!

I did clean a room a day the first week. I also made some crafts for the new year. I’ll post photos at the end of this for you. I’ve helped my husband and he’s done the same for me. I’ve cooked more but it’s not tasting any better. I sleep until 7:00 every morning. I take Bruce for a walk every, single day.

We purchased a couple of items on an online bid from an auction house last week. I was absolutely mesmerized by what they had. I also learned that I have the right to go to the auction house to get an idea what I’m bidding on before I bid. It’s not that I’m unhappy with what I purchased, I could have done better. But that will change.

We had almost three inches of rain about two weeks ago. The front yard was swamp land and the back yard was a bog. Six dogs and all that mud just about did me in! They would go out, come in, and then back out again. These aren’t small dogs – they are big and have huge feet that hold pounds of mud! I had blankets, old rugs and towels all over the house just to soak up some of the mud and water. It was exhausting.

Now that I’m free as a bird, I will have more time to add to this blog. I’ll have to add a couple of photos of the hall bath as we update it with some new paint. I’ll keep adding photos of the crafts I sell, and keep you up to date on the antics of our six dogs. We always have some kind of crazy going on around here.

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2019. Thank you for visiting with me. Count your blessings! They are everywhere. Next blog will have Mandy as the star of this little show.

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