Thirteen More Working Days!

I’m getting there – only thirteen more actual working days and I’m done! I’ve worked for nearly 45 years doing absolutely everything. I’ve been a baby sitter, ran a small boutique, worked in a real estate office, was a waitress, worked as a teachers aide, an appraiser’s assistant, became an appraisal coordinator, a loan officer, and back to being an appraisal coordinator. And through the years I’ve been a mom to two kids, a wife, a sister, daughter, granddaughter, grandmother and a friend to some extraordinary people. I still have lots to do though, and it begins December 21st, 2018. I am so excited to start my new journey!

I need to go back to that waitress thing. I obviously wasn’t meant to be one. The second day at work I dropped an entire plate of French fries on a gentleman. I was horrified and actually begged his forgiveness. There he was with a lap full of greasy French fries and I just couldn’t apologize enough. He left me a $10 tip.

That afternoon my soon to be husband came in and I waited on him. I did it right – no spills or anything. He thanked me and left me 75 cents. I threw the quarters at him – right there in the restaurant! Not because he left me 75 cents but because he left me anything at all. Don’t tip the one you love! It’s weird. The following week I slipped on some stairs going to work and twisted my ankle badly. I was eventually let go. Can’t say I blamed them at all. But I did learn just how difficult being a waitress is and I always leave a large tip and tell them how much I appreciate their service.

Bruce (our Husky) has turned into a real part of our family. He is still a puppy and a very large puppy at that. He is absolutely the happiest, most loving and mischievous dog I’ve ever known. He wants to play ball 24-7. He wants to play with the other dogs but he’s so big they don’t want to play. Last weekend he made three toys all his own. It was so bad he’d growl at the others just for walking past him. He buried each one of them but would dig them back up within a few minutes. I finally took them all away from him and hid them! We haven’t had that problem since then.

I took a new project to the consignment shop this weekend (photos to follow). I’m on another one and will show it when I’m finished with it.

Thanks so much for visiting! Count your blessings and tell those you love that you love them. Those words can make everything better!

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