Waco, Texas

my My sister and I went to the Magnolia Market this past weekend. She picked me up and we had about an hour long drive. Our goal was to go to the Market Monday morning when there weren’t so many visitors. We got there around 8:30 and there were people everywhere!

We were in line about five minutes before we entered. I think we loved the ideas and crafts and the atmosphere but it was expensive. The cotton sprigs can be purchased at Hobby Lobby any day of the week for 40 percent off. Their lovely muslin shopping bags were $58! We enjoyed looking but we didn’t buy a thing.

We thoroughly enjoyed their outdoors. The have beautiful arbor, awesome plants, a playground for kids, vegetable gardens and wild flowers. They have a perfect greenhouse. And the lights wrapped around the trees and arbors were so pretty.

From there we went to their restaurant. They aren’t open for supper but they are open for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They serve meals according to the current season.

Before I tell you what we had, I need to explain their sign in. Go to the restaurant, sign in and wait one hour and thirty minutes for a table. BUT! You can go into their pavilion and order coffee and the pastry of the day while you wait. If you’re hungry it’s great but if you order the latte and pastry you won’t be as hungry when you’re allowed in the restaurant. Oh! You have seven minutes to get to your table or they give it to the next person.

We shared a slice of avocado toast, two deviled eggs and some maple syrup covered pepper bacon. The avocado toast was perfect and I’m going to try to make as flavorful as they had it. We also bought a bread sample box. It had zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, pastry and it was delicious. We even had some doughnut holes with rosemary and lemon icing. They were perfect!!

Next door to the restaurant was a “take away” shop. It had sandwiches made by the restaurant, creamed honey, strawberry butter, and muslin shopping bags for $12. They also had the Magnolia cookbook for $30. We went to Amazon and bought the book for $17. We spent money there on the honey, the bags, and the butter. We had fun in there.

We always have fun bumming around with each other so it was a great weekend. The photos above are of the outdoors surrounding Magnolia Market. I enjoyed them so much – not to mention my sisters company.

Thank you for visiting with me! Count your blessings and remind those you love that you do love them. Have a great weekend!!

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