Almost Too Much

I have an old steamer trunk wrapped in canvas. It was given to me last week and I was thrilled with the gift!! Now I’m a little worried. I’ll show you some photos in a minute.

I also inherited an old cedar chest. The front face of it came out, but I see it looking beautiful when I put it back together, sand it down and stain it. It has a rounded top (think of crown molding) all around the lid. It even has legs – most sit right on the floor. I think I might keep this one.

Back to the canvas trunk. It was painted a light yellow and has brown straps of wood. The inside had 102 tacks holding down the contact paper that lined it. To top it off it has mildew and stains on the canvas. I looked on the internet how to clean it and it said to use half water and half alcohol and rub lightly. I did just that for an hour and then quit. I’m afraid I’ll rub the canvas and glue to a point where I will weaken it.

I’m going to sand the inside down and paint it. That will be the easy part. I want to put legs on it so it can serve as a chest, a bench or even a coffee table. But I also want to preserve the canvas. I’m hoping I can paint it and seal it. I see it a soft white with black wooden strips and Paris stenciled on it. I see a lot – it’s making it happen!

I have to tell you about our “Fall” weather. Last week it was in the 80’s with 50% humidity. This went on until about 10:30 last night. We never got over 43 degrees today and it hasn’t stopped raining. From summer to winter in less than eight hours. Bring out the coats!

Photos are next but I want to thank you for visiting and wish you an awesome week. If you have any input on the canvas trunk, I’d love to hear from you.

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