October in Central Texas

It’s hot, it’s humid and I lost three pounds this weekend due to all of this.

It actually started at 1:15 Friday when I got the urge to buy plants. It’s Fall and I needed some to get me through the rest of the year. I bought eight perennials and two bags of dirt. I loaded it up in my Mountaineer and couldn’t wait to get home. I unloaded them all and watered them real good in the front yard. Then it rains. So they were all slushy when I checked them Saturday morning – just like the back yard – slushy, muddy, humid, and much too warm.

Well, the project began with the fish pond. I had lost two big old goldfish due to the lack of the pumps (only two were working). I cleaned them out, added some mildew junk, and started them all up. The fish are eternally grateful and swimming around like nothing ever happened.

Next came the plants. I moved stuff around, dug holes, planted, decorated, raked, watered, and raked some more. I cleaned the house and then went to Decor and More to put my crafts on sale at 20% off. I came home, fixed supper and ran out of steam. I had nothing left to give – at all!

This morning I got up, drank a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, and went out to the back yard. I changed things up again in the yard – I’m never happy the first time around. I moved plants again, decorated again and watered again in the middle of more rain. Then I mowed the front yard, decorated it for Halloween, and picked weeds. I have officially ended the yard work for the year. I might need to mow once more but everything is as it should be and looks great – even if I say so myself.

I have to brag on Mandy. I had told you how badly I felt for smacking her for growling at our Golden Retriever. She forgave me and hasn’t growled at anyone since then. I need to learn the art of forgiveness from my dogs. They are incredible souls with so much to give yet they ask for so little.

No photos this time. I forgot to take some of the Halloween decorations so I will do it later this week. Speaking of the week, I hope you have a wonderful one. Count your blessings and thank God for all of them. Thank you for visiting!!

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