It’s Been Busy

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for being away so long. I work five days a week for a bank, and spend the rest of the day fixing supper for my dogs and my husband. Then comes the clean up, the pick up, the shower and what is left is creative exhaustion. Saturdays are given to loading up my SUV to take stuff to the consignment shop, eating out, coming home and cleaning the house.

I always promised myself that if I was ever able to set up shop that I’d work seven days a week for it. And I do! I did make some money last month, but not enough to cover the rent I pay for space. Part of the problem is my prices are too low. That will change but not by a whole lot. On top of that, with the seasons changing we have to be aware of the fact that people want to buy what is in season so we make things accordingly. So for the next three months I do Halloween, Fall and Christmas items. Exhausting! I’ll try to upload some of my “creations” this evening after work. I’ve made some “doozies” – they are crazy and I’m not sure they will sell.

My dogs are doing alright. Bailey (Golden Retrieve)is still old, frail, and I love him to death and cannot let him go yet. If he wasn’t so darned happy in the morning to be alive it would be easier. He’s such a special dog.

Mandy (Queensland Heeler) has become very territorial and as much as I hate to admit it, I actually swatted her and yelled like a crazy lady. Mandy is a very loving dog, but if she plants her body in a certain place she feels it’s hers. Bailey has a place right next to our bed that belongs to him – and always has since we brought him home eight years ago. Last weekend he came into our room to lay down in his spot, and Mandy jumped him like a crazy animal! Bailey is blind and deaf and had no idea what he did wrong and that set me off so bad that I smacked her hard. I would have never accepted such aggression from one of my kids, and I won’t from my dogs. Bailey froze in place and didn’t know where to go or what to do. Mandy whimpered, got up and I told her to get out and she did! I checked Bailey for any wounds but she hadn’t hurt him. Just put him in shock. She now knows that if Bailey wants to lie next to the bed she is to allow him to do it. She still loves me, and wants to be with me so I didn’t do any damage, but she won’t forget it either. Everyone is now allowed in our room and there is no tolerance for growling or being ugly. I hate hurting her, but things like that aren’t allowed in our house.

The other dogs are good. Carrie (Carrion Terrier) became really sick Sunday night, and I knew it was bad Monday morning when she wouldn’t take her treats and wanted to be on the kitchen floor. She hates the tile on the floor, but she laid that little body out as far as it would go. She must have had a fever or something. I was worried about leaving her, but my husband jumped in and said he’d watch her. When I returned home from work she was in great spirits. It was a 24 hour something, but she’s fine now for which I am grateful.

Ok. I promise to upload some photos tonight. I hope all of you have an awesome day. Be grateful for the blessings that have been given to you. I am every day. Thanks so much for visiting!!

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