Oh For the Love of Hobby Lobby!

This has been a miserable summer. We’ve broken record heat at 114 degrees. We’re so far down on rain that we’re 9+ inches below the norm and the air conditioning bill is out of control.

But I have found a source of hope! It’s Hobby Lobby. They have their Halloween, their Fall and the beginning of Christmas decorations out. It’s super cool in the store and gives one hope that things will cool down. The decorations help us believe cooler weather and awesome holidays are ahead. I spent my lunch hour in there this week -Monday through Thursday just bumming around taking in the scents and getting some cool ideas. This blistering heat will come to an end in about two months.

I told you that we had taken Bailey to the vet and that he has really bad arthritis in his right rear leg. We’ve gone through his prescriptions except for the Tramadol. He seems better but we’ve decided he’s a manipulative, spoiled rotten old man. Every single night around 11:00 he starts whiny, and then pacing and then he starts breathing hard and then come the howls! One of us gets up and goes into the living room, turn on the TV and he sits down on the floor next to the couch and goes to sleep. If we move he starts all over again. I cannot believe our sweet boy turned into a night monster.

I’m going to post some photos of crafts my daughter and I made. The ones you’re about to see are currently at Decor and Home in Copperas Cove. If you see anything you’d like or want custom made we’re here for you. She makes the wreaths and I do the skulls and fairy houses. You can reach me at kathee2013@yahoo.com . Just let me know if either one of us can be of assistance.

I hope you have an awesome weekend! Count your blessings! There are so many to be grateful for! Thanks so much for visiting.

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