I Apologize

It’s been a few weeks and I am sorry.  Life caught up with me and went over board.  I just can’t catch up.  

I’ve put in 55 plus hours at work, and tried to keep up with the house, finishing up my projects and not eating worth a flip.  I only eat because my stomach is really loud when it needs food – so I give it cottage cheese or crackers or a banana.  Whatever is easy.  I don’t eat supper or anything 

heavy because I lose it in half an hour.  Eating is necessary but I’d prefer not to.

I left work on Friday half sick.  Saturday morning was worse.  It took me all day to clean the house whereas it normally takes about three hours.

Sunday I mowed the yard.  That took three hours and four breaks.  I can normally do it in less than an hour.  Not my finest hour.

I did get a lot done today.  I picked up the house, tried to fix a printer, and made ribs, potato salad, a green salad and pinto beans.  As hard as I tried to make it edible, I’m sure it won’t be perfect.  I only did it because my husband had to eat carp all week.  It was bad!

Next Friday I take my “stuff” to the boutique.  We moved the shelf into the living room and all week I’ve set it up, moved stuff around, switched it around and priced it all.  My craziness is setting in and I worry about whether or not it will selk, is it priced too high, and have I wasted everyone’s time.  I should know in a couple of weeks.  I have photos that I’ll post with this.  It looks like a hot mess.

Have a wonderful day.  Thank you for visiting!  Count your blessings – they come daily.

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