Big Step!

I’m taking a big chance – a big step. I’ve thought this over for a year now – do I or do I not? I am.

I’ve decided to rent a space in a boutique. It’s a little shop in Copperas Cove called K’s Curvy Closet. It has a lot of everything in it, but nothing like mine. Maybe that’s why they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in joining them. It’s a small space – actually it’s a four shelf book case, but it will be good for my “whimsy” items. I paid three months in advance and it starts in June. The little boutique has only been in business for six months, so it has a way to go. It is cute though, and they sell a little of everything; jewelry, women’s outfits, arts/crafts, children’s items, and a little bit of everything else. They wanted something “unique” and asked me to consider it. I did, I will, and I’m scared to death. I have to start somewhere though, and it might as well be there. All I have to do is keep my shelves stocked and they take care of the rest – the selling and everything! Since I still work, this is awesome for me.

I even ordered some new business cards and am thinking about specialty price tags. I just have to figure out how to make them. I don’t want to go crazy – I just want to sell and make everything really nice. I have lots to put in there, but I have to do it in small spurts. I have to have a little faith.

I have a lot of large items but they seem to sell better on Craigslist and Facebook. I have an old chest of drawers, a checker table – all kinds of stuff I’ve made really nice. I love “revamping” old things.

The dogs are all great! Sophie (my little, unreasonable, hard headed Sheltie) is finally settling down. She comes to me to be loved on and still squeals like a stuck pig when I come home. Mandy still barks insistently but has learned to sit if she wants me to pay attention to her. Carrie has quit flinching when I bring my hand up to her face. She knows I’m not going to hit her. Gabbi just wants to be loved on when she wants it. Bailey still has spunk, but has a hard time getting up once he’s down. It’s his back hips, and as hard as I’ve tried to help him with all kinds of hip medicine, he won’t eat if it’s mixed up with his food. I still spoon feed him if he acts like he’s not hungry. I’m so grateful for those five crazy dogs!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful week. Count your blessings – there are so many.

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