Weekends Are So Short!!

We had a very cool, windy and rainy Saturday.  I hate to complain about it too much because summer is going to slide in with a vengence!  So I’ll try to take advantage of the nice days – like today.

I weeded, trimmed trees, bushes, and then had to clean up the mess today.  I did the same thing Saturday with the house.  We always have to mess up to clean up.

I did get a little creative in Saturday afternoon, and finished it up early this morning.  It started out as a plain witches had – I know.  What am I doing with witch hats in April?  I’ll show you some photos in a minute.  They will be part of Sophie’s Magical Dog House just like all my other magical attempts.

I’m going to retire in November and am planning to dog sit.  I think it would be fun to visit dogs “home alone” a couple of times a day.  I can walk them, play with then, and just break up their day or weekend waiting for their families to come home.  I know I can do this!

Ok, now for the pictures.  Tell me what you think.  There will be at least five more in different colrs, etc.

Have an awesome week.. Don’t forget to count your blessings!

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