Texas Weather!

Last weekend we nearly froze to death.  Even the dogs didn’t want to go out.  Yesterday the North wind blew in and made for such a cool day that we had to wear jackets.  We had a really bad storm Friday night and then came the cool front.  This morning it was in the 30’s.  What a rock and roll week.

Sophie and I had a moment last week.  Our living room is huge but only has two Windows and a sliding door.  One of the Windows had a huge tree right in front of it that took away an enormous amount of light.  While we were out there stacking some firewood I realized it was time for the tree to go.  I planted it about twelve years ago.  It has grown the height of the chimney, but grew out all over the place.  I just mentioned it to my husband and canned if he didn’t go after it like a dog with a bone.  Two hours later it’s all over the back yard and our neighbor’s back yard.  

This morning (wrapped up in jackets and gloves) we cleaned all the branches and limbs and hauled them to the curb.  That stack of chopped up tree is 15 feet long and four feet high.  It’s a hot mess and the city won’t pick it up until this coming Friday.  We’re going to hope the wind doesn’t pick up too much.  We’ll be cleaning our street for a week.

I have to share a new addition to the front yard.  We’ll put it up next weekend.  I haven’t made a bird house in years, and thought it was time to replace a couple that have absolutely rotted away.  Photos to follow.

Have a great week.  Count your blessings and smile at everyone – it could change their day for the better!

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