A Very Cold Weekend

We went from 80 degrees in Friday to below 40!!  It was so cold in Saturday that all any of us could do was hunker down in the house.  Even the dogs didn’t want to go out.  They walked to the back porch, cocked their heads while they looked around and came back in.  No one wanted to go out in that cold and windy weather.  On the other hand we should have enjoyed it more.  That was the last cool front before summer jumps in.

I have more photos for you.  We had an old cow skull in the garage complete with horns.  I took it upon myself to dress it up – not blingy but with more natural looking items – well, maybe a little bling.  Let me know what you think.  If you like them they are for sale.  The ram’s head is $75 and the cow head is $60 (or best offer).  Before I forget, the brown thing under the skills is just a prop to stand them up a little.

Thanks so much for visiting!  Have a wonderful, wonderfilled week!

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