The One and Only Carrie

I’ve given you the name of all my dogs before – Bailey, Gabbi, Sophie, Mandy and Carrie – this is order of when we brought them home. This blog is about Carrie.

She’s part Carrien Terrier (I still can’t spell that correctly). She has a fetish for leather, wood and anything else that gets her attention. She has totally destroyed house shoes that had leather lacings on them. She has brought in sticks from the back yard and totally made shavings out of them. She also loves leather gloves which (when found) are lacking all fingers.

She sleeps at the bottom of the bed at night, but if we move around too much trying to get comfortable she leaves. She’s back up there in ten minutes and tries again. She has to be comfortable to stay, we have to be still for her to stay. To say the least, she’s up and down on the bed no less than half a dozen times during the night.

To get to the point (I had to let you know her quirks), she failed me miserably the night before last. I have a computer in my craft room that has never been able to connect to our wi-fi. I purchased a 15′ cable to run from the computer, down the hall and to my husband’s office. It was about a foot short of making it. I ran it under the 5×7 rug, and under the throw rugs in the hallway with about two inches showing. It didn’t work so I left it to figure out what to do next. I forgot about it when I went to bed, but vividly remembered it when I stepped on all the pieces when I got up the next morning. That little dog had decided (in the middle of the night when it’s dark) that it was hers to do with what she liked. And she did! It was one cord when I went to bed – it was three when I got up, and what wasn’t still a chord was chopped up in little tiny pieces. What do you do to the dog after she’s left you that mess? Nothing. I showed it to her and fussed at her while she wagged her tail, but I couldn’t do anything else. She thought I was playing with her. I can’t punish her for something she did in the middle of the night – she forgot she did it.

I purchased another cable – 30′ long this time. I ran it under the rugs again and made sure nothing that looked remotely interesting could be seen. I even taped it to the corners of the doors so she couldn’t find it. She did not – everything is in it’s place and the computer works. She’s a hot mess.

Have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for visiting. Count your blessings – they are everywhere!

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