My Soap Box

I went back to the doctor this past Tuesday morning and had the cancer removed from my arm. I was so scared of that darned shot in the arm that I didn’t fall asleep until after 1:00am – and got up at 5:30am. He was really good though – I walked away with three and a half inches worth of stitches and no more cancer. Pretty good, huh?

This doctor had a bedside manner that literally helped me get through this. He knew all the right questions, and I guess he knows what subjects people respond to best. He asked me about my family – my husband, two grown children, and five dogs. He asked about the dogs and I told him about each one and where they came from – three from a shelter. He then asked about issues with shelter animals. I explained it takes time and patience and the outcome is total devotion. He promised me he’d go to the shelter in Temple and adopt a cat! One less animal in the shelter and I was ecstatic! One more animal has a forever home.

I spoke to my boss about the surgery, the cat, and that it was a pretty good day considering my arm felt like a box of rocks had been dumped on it. She has a kid in Houston who goes to the shelter weekly. She had found a small kitten who could not walk, and asked the shelter staff what was wrong. Some jerk decided to wrap each little foot with a rubber band which terminated any and all circulation to those little feet. The vet had to amputate them. I was sick to my stomach over that. How can any human being with any soul at all do such a horrible thing to an animal that cannot defend itself? It has no voice, it’s unable to fight back, but I’m sure it cried in absolute pain. It’s forever maimed. Hopefully someone will adopt it and try to make up for such a lousy start in life.

My new goal, and it’s a positive one, is to introduce a bill to the House of Representatives in Texas to forbid any vile discrimination to any animal. I can’t stand the thought of people hurting any animal, and it needs to stop. Pinterest, Facebook, the news – all have horrible photos of brutality against animals. I’m talking about domestic animals, cows, sheep, etc. They are kept in horrible conditions for no other reason that to kill, butcher, to make life miserable, or just because someone thought they could care for them but couldn’t. I think we’ve let God down in doing this to his animals that he gave us to care for. I understand we use some of them for food, but do we need to hurt them in the process? Let them range – let them be at peace and lead good lives. Let them be sheltered and cared for.

If you’d like to join me, please let me know. I guess I’m what my husband call an animal activist. I’d love for you to be part of this.

Thank you for visiting. Have a blessed day.

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