One More Thing!

I forgot something on my earlier post.  It’s important and also tells you how stupid I can be.

Our dogs and the puffy cheeked dog next door get into arguments at the fence.  They bark and lash out at each other, and it’s really awful.  First of all, one of them is going to lose a tooth or more.  And it sounds horrible!  I’ve just about convinced my dogs they aren’t allowed to do it but there’s a little more teaching involved.

Saturday I went out to get the dog food for my brats, and the puffy dog was out.  This guy is big – he stands taller than the four foot fence.  He and my dogs had started their snarling, etc. but I got mine to go into the house.  I apologized to him, petted his feet and puffy cheeks, and then made the dumbest mistake ever.  I invaded his space by trying to put my head next to his.  To say the least he didn’t like it at all.  In tribute to that he grabbed me under the chin and to the side of the face and bit down.  It was not his fault at all.  I should know better.  I think he hit every nerve in my head with that.  I thought I was going to pass out.  I didn’t yell.  I just gave him his biscuits and walked back to the house.  I fed my dogs and then went into the bathroom to check for any damage.

He left a small hole in the side of my cheek and a bigger one under my chin.  Just a little bit of blood.  He did bruise it though.  But it was not his fault.  I should know better.  I can kiss on all five of my dogs all day long, pet them, rough house them, and they do nothing.  But I cannot do that to someone else’s dog.  I’ve never had a dog bite me, but then I’ve never been tempted to hug someone else’s dog.  Big mistake, but I learned a lot.  I hope you know better.  This is not one of my crowning achievements.  As a matter of fact, it’s embarrassing.  I know better.  The dog likes me and gratefully accepts the treats, but I’ll never do that again.  Maybe he’s tired of me squishing his cheeks!  I’ll do better and approach dogs with a little more respect.

Just thought I’d share a little dumbness with you.  The dog will not get into trouble because I have no intention of ever doing it again, and I will not tattle.  I’ve learned respect and that’s what counts.

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