A Little Bit of Life

One of the dogs got sick – only sick all over the bedroom carpet.  I missed stepping in it by almost an inch.  It’s down to three; Sophie, Carrie or Mandy.  No one will tell me or even act like they have a tummy ache.  I cleaned it up, gagged in the process, and threw nine paper towels and two wash rags in the garbage.  Gross!

It was incredibly cold this weekend.  We started out at 43 degrees, and by 10:00am it had dropped to 38.  We woke up this morning to a chilly 25 degrees.  We will have 60 degree weather all week.  That will be nice to look forward to.

I have more to add to Sophie’s Magical Dog House.  It’s still too cold to work on my dog beds outside, but that doesn’t keep me from making whimsical things. I have learned that after finishing one I need to clean up to start on the next one.  It’s like cleaning dishes while you’re cooking.  My problem seems to be remembering where I put it.  

Before I show the photos I want to give an update on my arm.  After the second biopsy they decided I do have squamous carsenoma.  It’s a cancer but won’t kill me.  The surgeon will give me another pain shot (heaven knows I detest those) and then he will scrape layers off until it’s all gone.  I refuse to have a skin graft so I’ll have a three or four inch scar.  I’m not worried about the scar but I’d rather not have that awful shot again!  It hurts like hell!  

The last photo is an old ram’s skull and horns.  We’ve had it for years.  I just didn’t feel it was necessary to add glitter or mosaic.  I wanted it to be  more natural.  Tell me what you think.

Have a great week.  Count your blessings and thank God for all of them.  I Thank him everyday I wake up so that I can try to make a difference one more time.  Thanks so much for visiting!


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