I’m kind of crossing over from my other blog ( due to my love for dogs.  There are no pictures or updates on this – no nothing except for thoughts I’ve had since I made a statement the other night.

I wake up every morning thankful for another day.  My dogs are the first ones to greet me with kisses, wiggly butts, and all kinds of attention.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s all about the morning treats, but I am grateful for all five of them.  And my husband!  He does his best to get me up at 5:30 – I kind of cheat with Alexa and ask her to wake me up again at 5:40.

I adore all dogs.  Even the one next door who has the biggest cheeks I’ve ever seen.  He could be part Eskimo or Akita, but those cheeks are like looking at a squirrel with nuts all up in his cheeks.  He’s an older dog, all white and he nibbles on fingers and hands.  Those cheeks!  I can literally hold on to both sides of his head with his cheeks in my hands!.  I love them!  Every evening when I go out to get the dog food for my dogs, I take him two dog biscuits and he’s got his front feet at the top of our four foot chain link fence waiting for me.  Again, I know it’s the treats but I think he likes me.

If I make it to heaven,  I’m going to ask God if I can take care of all the dogs on the other side of rainbow bridge.  I know I could do it.  I know over the last four decades I’ve had about twenty something dogs – all of whom I truly adored.  I can take care of them along with all the others and be very happy.  I think that would be an awesome reason to go to heaven – hoping I can make it through the Golden Gates. 

I made a comment to my husband about this.  Of course he came up with one better.  He had read somewhere that when we go to Heaven that it’s not only God who allows us in, but dogs as well.  The dogs that died terribly, the dogs that died because of disease or old age are going to be in a line, and we will be judged by them.  Were we good to them?  Did we mistreat them?  Did they know they were loved?  God and the dogs will decide.

One dog worries me.  When our kids were little we lived on a ranch that was run by the owners.  They let us rent their beautiful 100 year old house.  We all had dogs.  One evening they came over and asked if I would watch over the cows and calves since the dogs were bringing them down during the day when my husband, and the owners were at work.  They gave me a shotgun and bird shot to shoot at the dogs, saying over and over I wouldn’t hurt any of them, but would scare them off.

Around 11:00 in the morning I heard a calf crying and her mother mooing horribly.  I grabbed the shotgun and ran out the back to the corral.  Sure enough there were five dogs taking down a little calf.  I fired into the middle of them, and heaven help me but I shot one of my own dogs.  He screamed horribly, and ran back to the house.  He fell down and screamed more.  I picked him up and put him on a blanket and listened to him cry for almost 30 minutes.  I cried and asked for his forgiveness.  He finally died, but the pain that that he went through will never leave me.  I only had the one shell, so I couldn’t shoot him to put him out of his misery.  I held him, cried with him and begged for his forgiveness.  His name was Peanuts and he was a Heinz 57.  He deserved better than to die like that.  I still feel guilty.

If any of them would turn me down, it would be him and I can’t blame him.  Of all the wrong things I’ve done in my life, this one was unforgivable.  No man or animal should die like that.  I guess I’ll find out if I pass or fail if I get to go to heaven.  I know dogs are forgiving and loving, but it was so bad for both of us.  He deserved so much better.

Ok.  Those are my thoughts for the day or should I say for the last three days?  My love for dogs is as true as their love for us.  Unconditional.

Have a great evening!  Thank God for your blessings.  Tell those you love that you love them.  We all enjoy hearing those three little words!


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