Too Close for Comfort!

I have five days before I put me and my crafts out to the public.  I’m puky sick over it as each day goes by.  Sophie’s Magical Dog House is going to make its debut and I’m so afraid of failing.  What’s the old saying?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained – but lots to possibly lose.

I’d like to invite you to the Fort Hood Holiday Bizaar this coming Saturday and Sunday.  This isn’t so much about me. But the ladies of Fort Hood who donate all the proceeds to charities.  They are an incredible bunch of ladies who work all year to make magic.  Support the troops and the ladies behind them.

I will try to write in spurts this week.  It’s going to be busy taking my husband to the doctors in Tuesday and completing projects throughout the week, and working.  

Have a wonderful week.  Count your blessings!  

Thank you for visiting.  You mean a lot to me.  I have one more photo.  This is obviously for a child.  I fell in love with the little chair and chest.  I cleaned them up, painted them and added a pillow and books.  Another thing to add to Sophie’s Magical Dog House – an item of transformation.

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