I’ve told you that Sophie’s Magical Dog House was named after my sheltie – the absolute worst dog I think I’ve ever owned.  She doesn’t mind, stays in trouble but she has her moments of pure delight.  For example – in the evening after I’ve taken my shower she sits on the floor and does everything in the world to get my attention.  I’ll sit with her until she decides she’s tired of me and walks off.  At night she waits in the bathroom for me to snuggle her, kiss on her and pet her until I can’t do anymore.  She can be so sweet about 10% of the time, and the other 90% is her doing her thing and just being rotten.

If Harvey the hurricane comes through this weekend I’m afraid that my beautiful black, white and grey dog will be black with mud.  She loves water and mud, and it’s guaranteed that if Harvey drops six inches of rain on us, my dog and the others will look and smell awful.  As will the house since they have a doggy door and aren’t fond of towels at all.  I guess I can meet them all at the doggy door and do my best to dry each of them as they come in, but that’s going to be a hot mess.  If five are coming in, I can only catch one.  They will be sliding across the tile, shaking their wet hair all over the place, and then there’s the mud balls between their toes which they manage to pull out but then sling up against the wall.  I have a feeling that if Harvey makes it up here there will be hell to pay for a week. 

Just a sad little note I want to share with you.  We’ve had Bailey (Golden Retriever) for about ten years and he’s been the best dog we’ve ever owned.  He’s really losing his sight though and he’s desperate for one of us to lead the way.  He will go to the back yard to do his thing, get misplaced and then start barking.  Gabi and Sophie will go out and lead him back into the house.  I leave lights on at night so he can half way see where he’s going.  He stumbles over the other dogs and will run into things but other than that he eats, plays, and gets along with everyone.  He’s crazy about my husband, and will bark just to hear his voice and know where he is.  I feel horrible for him – it’s like a prelude to an end and it worries me.  I love that dog as does my husband.  We aren’t putting him down but we are doing our best to make him comfortable and let him know we’re around him.  It’s just so incredibly sad that he can’t see anymore.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’ll be sharing more photos of more things that have happened in Sophie’s Magical Dog House.  Take good care of your fur babies – they are only here for a short time and they require love, understanding, and attention and they give so much back.  Give some kisses back!

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