This Is Going To Be Difficult

I decided it’s time to go public.  I love going to Sami shows, farmer’s markets, etc, but being a vendor scares the crap out of me.  I finally made the decision to go for it at the Fort Hood Christmas Bazaar this November.  I have all kinds of things for Sophie’s Magical Dog House, so it’s time to get it gone.  

I’ve never been able to go out in public without suffering consequences.  When I was in Girl Scouts I would get a nose bleed just trying to sell the cookies.  As an adult I’ve not faired well either.  My knees get weak, my voice cracks, and I get knots in my gut, and I get nauseated.  It’s rough.

So, this beautiful little bazaar that serves so many on Killeen and Fort Hood is going to become my jump off place for my little business.  The Fort hood Spouses Club donates every bit of their entry fees to different areas that need money – schools, charities, food banks and much more.  I think I’d like to sink or swim attempting my first entry of my business to them.  At least I’ll know my entry fee will go to a good place.

So, I’m creating for a show now.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’ll keep posting photos of the things  make for Sophie’s Magical Dog House.

Have an awesome weekend and count your blessings!

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