A New Idea

In my metamorphosis x3.blog I said I was going to enter a new addition.  This past weekend my husband bought a box – just an old box and suggested I do something with it.  It took about six hours because I’m notorious for changing things up over and over.  It’s 15 1/4″ wide, 6 3/4″ tall , and 12 1/4″ deep.  And it looks nothing like it did when he brought it home.


The inside top is a padded board for photos, cards, etc.  The bottom of the box is padded for jewelry or whatever and is removable.

The outside is decorated in vintage costume jewelry.  It’s glued on so it won’t come off.  It has faux postcards as well.  I really had fun with this.  It would be so nice for so many purposes.

I hope you enjoyed our new addition.  If you’re interested in it just e-mail me at kathee2013@yahoo.com.

Have an awesome evening.  Let me know what you think about this and any other item in Sophie’s Magical Dog House.

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