Dog Explosion!

As all of you know, I am the proud “mom” of five dogs.  They (like my kids) know which buttons to hit.  Most of the time they are pretty well behaved but this summer seems to be the exception.  I’ve already mentioned this in my blog (, but I felt I should share it here as well.

The shedding!  It looks like a dog of many colors exploded all over the place!  Bailey has red hair (Golden Retriever), Carrie has orange hair (Carrion Terrior), and Sophie (Sheltie), Mandy (Queensland Heeler), and Gabbi (a Hovawort )-  have black, white and grey hair.  All of them decided to shed at the same time.  It floats in the air, lays on the funiture, and balls of it roll down the hall.  When they play they pull out mouthfulls of it. When I love on them I have to pull it from my eyes, mouth and nose and then the sneezing starts.   I now vacuum every, single day.  It’s an impossible situation.  We brush and brush but they keep dropping it in all shapes and forms.

Big brown eyes, wiggly butts, and sloppy kisses makes it worth while.  I wouldn’t give them up for anything.  Love prevails!

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