Sophie’s “Magical” Dog House

I can’t change the name on this site, but I can introduce you to a new concept.  Sophie’s Dog House will always sell dog luxuries – beds, toy boxes, jewelry, ties, etc.  but I’m going to add a little whimsy to it. 

If Sophie’s Dog House really was a store – not just a website, but a real store it would be different.  It would start at the colorful door of a crooked little house, that shows all the dog paraphanalia that we make.  The next door would go into a “fairy” type room – full of fairy houses and fairies.  The next door would lead you into things that have become different things.  It would be magical – like a small castle but full of whimsy, character, crooked little rooms and fantasy.   And for this reason I will be posting photos of everything that we could possibly want in a store.  I can’t afford the store right now, but someday I hope it comes true.  In the meantime, I will post photos of dog “things”, fairy “things”, and stuff I’ve revamped.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the change.

 I’ll see what I can post over the weekend or possibly next weekend.  We actually will be out of town this Friday through Sunday, so most likely I’ll post next week.  I hope you enjoy it.  I know I’ve had more than a few hours of dreaming this up. 

In the meantime, I hope you will visit Sophie’s “Magical” Dog House as soon as I am able to post everything.  I think it will be fun – I hope you find it so as well.


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