I’m About Ready to Introduce Again

I had a minor upgrade thing going on at my house with the dogs and the dog “stuff”.  My husband and I completely renovated my back porch so that I can continue to make the dog beds and toy boxes and now I can do it freely.  The porch was a hot mess!  Tools everywhere, things everywhere and no place to put any of it.  I now have a table for the machines, tool boxes everywhere and everything is nice and neat and easily accessible.  I’ve redone the craft room where absolutely everything has a place.  I can now get back to business.  I’ll be uploading new photos of new beds, jewelry, etc.  I am so excited about this.  It was a really long hiatus but to do well we must have order!

Sophie’s Dog House is about dogs – mine, yours and all the things we need to spoil them rotten.  I know all of mine are – they really love me when it’s time to eat.  I can give them beds, toys, cool neckties, pretty necklaces, etc.  but spending time with them is most important.  Sophie (my Sheltie) allows me five to ten minutes a day with her only – no other dogs allowed.  She just wants to be petted, spoken to and kissed.  Every night we do the same thing.  She picks a spot in the bathroom and I get on my hands and knees and love on her.  She’s pretty independent but she loves her time with me.

Carrie still jumps on the bed at night for her “special time”.  She just wants to be cuddled and nip on my fingers.  She’ll stay with me until my husband comes to bed and then she’s gone until he gets up.  Her way of saying good morning is by waiting for me to open an eye and then she’s all over me.  I try not to open too much – just enough to know she’s there – quiet.

Mandy doesn’t ask for much so I stop a couple of times in the evening to pet her and look into her eyes.  She follows me into the bathroom to make sure everything is done correctly, and gives me kisses on the leg.  She’s very quiet, very loving and doesn’t ask for much.

Bailey is getting old and he can’t do anything about it.  He’ll give up his supper if someone else wants it, he won’t fight, argue or anything else.  He does come up for love – he puts his head on my lap and then raises his foot.  He’s a beautiful, loving dog who only wants to be loved.  I’ve never met one so gentle.  His only true goal in life is to “go” in the pickup.  He has a wonderful soul.

Gabi is turning into the “queen bitch”.  I love that dog but she growls and gets a little too rough with the other girls.  She won’t argue with Bailey, but she’ll toss the others around and can hurt them.  I’ve told her time and again to be nice, but she’s a little strong willed.  She does love Bailey though, and for that I’m grateful.  They have this “thing” – a kind of understanding and they spend every hour of every day together – be it at home or in the truck.  She is our rescue dog, and that may have something to do with the intolerance of the other girls.  She’s doing better, but I do watch and listen.  She loves us – there’s no doubt about that.  That big old 76 pound dog crawls up in our lap for love.  We can’t turn her down.

I’ll be back with more.  I’m learning how to do this on a new laptop, and how to upload the photos from the Kindle and the camera.  I hope you will like what you see.

Happy New Year!

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