It’s Going to Improve

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Please know that this site will improve with a little more experience.  I have so much to show you but I have to approach this as a business – not just my blog.  I have two blogs – the other is metamorphosisx3 on Word Press.  I tend to get busy on both of them at the same time, and forget to include all kinds of things.  Right now I’m doing my best to post photos of all the dog beds, toy boxes, jewelry (yes, I said jewelry but for dogs), paw wax, and leash holders.  But because Sophie is such a stinker, her website will be the same.  It won’t be all about dogs – I do so many different things, just as my dog.  We’ll be introducing all types of dog needs, and some things that I revamp, recycle, and do overs.  I hope you’ll stick with me.  It will never be a beautiful site – I’m not that creative, nor can I come up with a lovely website.  But my heart is in it, and I aim to please.  I’ll be back this evening with another bed – maybe more.

Have an awesome day!

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