Welcome to Sophie’s Dog House!

My first entry on Sophie’s Dog House.  I’ve been blogging on WordPress under metamorphosis-o-sis but now I also have Sophie’s Dog House.  This should be interesting.

This little store is a little of everything.  I’m in love with dogs!  All other animals as well.  They are ours to protect, love and care for.

Sophie is my hard headed Sheltie.  I’ve never had a more free spirited or ornery dog as this one is.  I understand why they sold her to me for less than half price.  She came out of the womb as a she-devil!  Her two sisters were quiet and content following their mom around.  Sophie was spilling water, heading everyone off the path and in general a very obnoxious brat.  But I love her as she does me – in her own way.

I create dog beds, toy boxes, paw wax, jewelry, bandanas,and a few other things.  I also revamp anything I can find.  Let me introduce you to a couple of things:

These are some of my newest dog beds.  The last two are of the same bed but it shows that it is reversible.  It’s made from a wine box.

The pink one is an old doll cradle – more for cats to hide in.  I thought it would be cool to find a cat or kitten asleep in it.  The mattress is reversible as well – to a fuzzy pink.

The military bed is made from the lid of an army trunk.  It has medals on it and on the back is the original leather strap.  It’s all in camouflage.

The striped one is gold, maroon, green and black.  It was done on a whim.

Each dog bed has little feet on it to keep from smashing down the carpet.  Each one also has a pillow.  I’m building larger ones for the big dogs.  They are a work in progress.

If you are interested in the size or price, just e-mail me at kathee2013@yahoo.com.  These are all one of a kind.  If you have a special order I will be more than glad to accommodate your request.

Have a wonderful day – from me, Sophie, Mandy, Gaby and Bailey.

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